the complete review Quarterly
Volume II, Issue 3   --   August, 2001

Editorial Notes

       The August issue of the complete review Quarterly is one of our largest yet, offering a variety of pieces on review- and literature-related issues.

       The Business of the Book Business considers Reactions to Schiffrin and Epstein, looking at the critical responses to André Schiffrin's The Business of Books and Jason Epstein's Book Business.

       This issue's Literary Saloon dialogue, Whoa Nelly ! -- Real Life, Lucky Girls, and Advances in Non-Fiction, looks at The New Yorker-fiction-debutante Nell Freudenberger's stunning publishing deal for material she has largely not yet written.

       Tasini v. The New York Times: A Note on the Consequences looks at this significant Supreme Court decision and the steps The New York Times has since taken, as well as the consequences for those hoping to have access to book reviews.

       Taking Advantage -- Book Reviews on the Internet is a survey that examines the extent to which book review sites on the Internet have embraced Internet-specific features in presenting their material. In conducting this survey we relied on the Yahoo book review directory, leading to another piece: Yahoo's Book Review Directory -- Some Notes and Observations

       Finally, Liu Zhang offers a piece on Looking for Ayi Kwei Armah

       In addition, the complete review Quarterly has also expanded its Archive-indices. Beside the full indices for the volumes from 2000 and 2001 we now have indices listing:        Check them out !

       We're glad to see you back at the Literary Saloon. Enjoy !

The Editors, at the complete review Quarterly

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