the complete review Quarterly
Volume II, Issue 4   --   November, 2001

Editorial Notes

       The November issue of the complete review Quarterly offers a variety of pieces on review- and literature-related issues.

       M.A.Orthofer's Ernst Weiß: A Preliminary Survey is a useful introduction to this neglected writer whose work we hope to cover more extensively at the complete review.

       The New York Times Book Review - Summer 2001 offers a different sort of survey, examining some of what we perceive to be the shortcomings of this influential review forum.

       The complete review Quarterly also has its say in Considering B.R.Myers' Reader's Manifesto -- though the debate itself seems now to have been superseded by the Jonathan Franzen-Oprah Winfrey dispute (which we will cover in greater detail in our next issue).

       Finally, Elizabeth Morier writes On the difficulties of writing about Georges Perec -- another author who we will be covering in depth.

       We're glad to see you back at the Literary Saloon. Enjoy !

The Editors, at the complete review Quarterly

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