the complete review Quarterly
Volume III, Issue 1   --   February, 2002

Editorial Notes

       Another year, another volume of the complete review Quarterly.

       The first issue of the year is, in many respects, an introspective one. We move ahead, but first we also look back: we again offer our annual report, the State of the Site for 2001. More than you ever wanted to know, it is even more comprehensive than our two previous surveys.

       With this issue we also launch a new part of the site, cr Fiction. Introducing complete review Fiction provides an overview of what we plan with it, while Introducing "Inquest" offers an introduction to Inquest, a serial fantasia that is the first work to be presented at cr Fiction

       Even when we look Beyond the Complete Review, we are looking at ourselves, considering how some of the events in the world at large impacted on the site in 2001.

       Still, there is only so much navel-gazing even we can do. One of the most discussed books of 2001 was Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections -- but one of the reasons it was so much in the news was because of the Oprah-fiasco. Even the cr Quarterly couldn't leave that story alone, considering it in depth in A Book, an Author, and a Talk Show Host - Some Notes on the Oprah-Franzen Debacle.
       Any guesses on where we stand ?
       The answer might surprise you .....

       Finally, the events of the fall of 2001 have led to no end of commentary and editorializing and the like. We have, for the most part, been able to restrain ourselves from offering our two cents worth, but feel compelled to include a brief note on George's History Lesson.

       We're glad to have you at the Literary Saloon. Enjoy !

The Editors, at the complete review Quarterly

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