the complete review Quarterly
Volume III, Issue 3   --   August, 2002

Editorial Notes

       The summer issue of the complete review Quarterly offers only a few small pieces this year.

       Our overview of Literary Weblogs should prove popular -- we suspect there'll be quite a number of weblogs linking up to it. It is a large (daily-growing) field to survey, and we admit to having become slightly overwhelmed. Still, our overview points the way to a considerable number of literary weblogs -- and we hope it will lead readers to unearth others as well. (And maybe it will inspire some bloggers to jump on the more literary bandwagon .....)

       In Galileo in Hell M.A.Orthofer goes looking for a dialogue between science and art -- and finds a missed opportunity.

       Finally, in Measuring Success we offer some thoughts about bestseller lists and box office numbers.

       We're glad to have you at the Literary Saloon. Enjoy !

The Editors, at the complete review Quarterly

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