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       Please note that:
  • While you are free to query us about projects you would like to propose please under no circumstances send us any unsolicited examples of your work. That means no samples that we did not specifically and explicitly ask for. None.
  • Authors are requested to contact us personally, not through their literary or legal representatives. We do not accept queries from literary agents.
  • Note that complete review Fiction will under no circumstances open any e-mail attachments: send it in the text or (preferably) don't send it at all

  • Suggestions or comments (critical or otherwise) about the site are always welcome, but please note that suggestions specifically regarding the content of our fiction are likely to be completely ignored

  • Potential donors, subsidizers, sponsors, grant-givers, and other financial supporters are always welcome. No amount is too small !

  • Advertisers are free to query us, though at this time we do not foresee any situation which might tempt us to defile the site with advertising

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