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      Most recent additions to the complete review:
  • Iwaki Kei's Farewell, My Orange, just out in English from Europa Editions

  • The latest Higashino Keigo mystery, Newcomer

  • Jean Améry's Portrait of a Simple Man, Charles Bovary, Country Doctor, just out in English from New York Review Books

  • Venezuelan author Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles' Blue Label, just out in English from Turtle Point Press

  • Natsume Sōseki's classic, I am a Cat

  • Two Novellas by Gerard Reve, Childhood

  • Pablo Martín Sánchez's novel of The Anarchist Who Shared My Name, just out from Deep Vellum

  • The first in Delacorta's infamous series, Nana

  • Slovenian author Jasmin B. Frelih's In/Half, just out in English from Oneworld

  • Mishima Yukio's 1961 novel, The Frolic of the Beasts, translated for the first time

  • Honoré de Balzac's Treatise on Modern Stimulants, in a lovely little edition from Wakefield Press

  • Another Lee Child thriller, The Enemy

  • The latest by David Albahari, Checkpoint

  • Boris Zhitkov's epic of the time around the 1905 Revolution Виктор Вавич, another Soviet novel from the 1930s (re)discovered after the collapse of the Soviet Union

  • Patrick Modiano's first post-Nobel novel, Sleep of Memory, just out in English in Yale University Press' Margellos World Republic of Letters-series

  • David Turgeon's novel, The Supreme Orchestra, just out in English from Coach House Books

  • Bora Ćosić's Rasulo -- just out in ... German, as Im Zustand stiller Auflösung

  • Friedrich Ani's The Nameless Day

  • Daša Drndić's two-story collection of Doppelgänger, just out from Istros Books

  • A Zulu Epic by Mazisi Kunene, Emperor Shaka the Great, recently re-issued by the University Of KwaZulu-Natal Press

  • A Boolean Comedrama by Oulipians Jacques Jouet and Olivier Salon, Two-Step

  • Nobel laureate Harry Martinson's classic science fiction epic in verse, Aniara

  • Kiran Nagarkar's 1974 debut, Seven Sixes are Forty-Three

  • Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano's 2003 novel, Paris Nocturne

  • Karen Duve's set-in-2031 thriller, The Prepper Room

  • Fragments of a True-to-Life Autobiography by Maryse Condé, What is Africa to Me ?

  • Jean-Jacques Schuhl's 1972 work Dusty Pink, finally in English, from Semiotext(e)

  • Marc Behm's thriller, Afraid to Death

  • Manzoor Ahtesham's Hindi novel, The Tale of the Missing Man, just out in English from Northwestern University Press

  • Aka Mortschiladse's Saba prize winning 2011 novel, Obolé, just out -- in German

  • Yokoyama Hideo's Seventeen -- already out in the UK; coming to the US next month

  • An updated edition of a collection by Dubravka Ugrešić, American Fictionary, just out from Open Letter

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