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Links to Literary Weblogs

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Links to Literary weblogs:

  • Primary sources - weblogs that focus largely or exclusively on literature, and post on at least a near-daily basis (35 weblogs)

  • Book review weblogs - weblogs that mainly or exclusively offer book reviews (60 weblogs)

  • Secondary sources - mainly less-frequently updated literary weblogs and/or those with a more limited ambit (233 weblogs)

  • Publisher weblogs - (71 weblogs)

  • Other sources - including sporadically updated literary weblogs, and weblogs which have considerable non-literary content (18 weblogs)

  • Foreign sources - literary weblogs in languages other than English (24 weblogs)

  • [Retired] - literary weblogs that are still available online but are no longer being updated (92 weblogs)

  • See also: Literary Weblogs: An Overview. The (formerly) definitive annotated guide, at the complete review Quarterly

Literary weblogs - Primary sources

Weblogs that focus largely or exclusively on literature, and post on at least a near-daily basis:
  • Anecdotal Evidence. "A blog about the intersection of books and life." Patrick Kurp's weblog.
  • Arabic Literature (in English). M. Lynx Qualey's weblog.
  • Arts Journal - Words. Generally one or two items daily.
  • AuthorScoop. A clearinghouse for links to news stories dealing with writers, writing and publishing, and more.
  • Biblibio. Meytal Radzinski's weblog, with a strong focus on women in translation.
  • biblioklept. "Battological banter for bibacious bibliobibuli".
  • The Book Haven. Cynthia Haven's blog for the written word.
  • Books, Inq.: The Epilogue. "Proof there is still life after one retires as a newspaper book-review editor". Frank Wilson's weblog.
  • Brandywine Books. "A news blog about books and book-related things" by Phil Wade.
  • Conversational Reading. Scott Esposito's weblog. Literary focus, good coverage.
  • Critical Mass. "The blog of the National Book Critics Circle board of directors - Commentary on literary criticism, publishing, writing, and all things NBCC related".
  • dovegreyreader scribbles. "A Devonshire based bookaholic sock knitting quilter, who happens to be a community nurse in her spare time."
  • The Guardian - Books blog. Literary coverage at The Guardian's arts weblog.
  • Jacket Copy. "Book news and information". The literary weblog of The Los Angeles Times.
  • January Magazine. The January Magazine weblog, with literary news and all their new reviews and interviews.
  • KR Blog. The weblog of The Kenyon Review.
  • Light Reading. Jenny Davidson's weblog.
  • the Literary Saloon. The weblog of the complete review. "Opinionated commentary on literary matters". Several stories with extensive links, updated daily.
  • The Millions. "A Blog About Books". C.Max Magee's weblog.
  • MobyLives. "News & commentary about books & writing". Previously here.
  • The Mumpsimus. "Displaced thoughts on misplaced literatures". Matthew Cheney's weblog.
  • NewPages Blog. "Literary Magazines & Publishing, Alternative Media, Links to Good Reading".
  • Omnivoracious. "We aim to share our passion for the written word through news, reviews, interviews, and more. This is our space to talk books and publishing frankly". Run by the books editors at Amazon.com.
  • The Page. Good links collection, no commentary.
  • Page-Turner. "Notes on books, publishing, and the literary life." The New Yorker's book weblog. (Previously called 'The Book Bench'.)
  • Page Views. Book blog at the New York Daily News
  • PowellsBooks.Blog. "Interviews, original essays, book reviews, audio performances, commentary, opinions, and breaking news from around the book industry." Powell's bookstore weblog.
  • Quill & Quire. Blog at "Canada's Magazine of Book News and Reviews"
  • The Reading Experience 2.0. "A literary literary weblog" by Dan Green. Focus on more in-depth commentary.
  • ReadySteady Blog. Mark Thwaite's blog at ReadySteadyBook.com. UK-based. Good book information, especially about new literary publications.
  • So Many Books. "The agony and ecstasy of a reading life". Stefanie Hollmichel's weblog. Longer book-related posts.
  • SteveDonoghue.com. Steve Donoghue's reviews and blog.
  • Three Percent. "A resource for international literature at the University of Rochester".
  • Typographical Era. Reviews, interviews, award news.
  • Vulpes Libris. A collective of bibliophiles writing about books.

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Book review weblogs

Weblogs that mainly or exclusively offer book reviews:

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Literary weblogs - Secondary sources

Less-frequently updated literary weblogs and/or those with a more limited ambit

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Publisher weblogs

Literary weblogs from publishers:

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Literary weblogs - Other sources

Including sporadically updated literary weblogs, and weblogs which have considerable non-literary content:
  • About Last Night. Terry Teachout and friend. General cultural coverage, some literary.
  • Amardeep Singh. Some literary. Indian, post-colonial slant.
  • Art Works. The NEA weblog.
  • Arts & Letters Daily. Generally three links daily, at least one to book review or coverage.
  • AttackingtheDemi-Puppets. Blog of 'King Wenclas' of the "cultural watchdog group", Underground Literary Alliance
  • Cultural Compass. "The Cultural Compass blog gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the Ransom Center".
  • Languagehat Mainly concerned with language issues.
  • The Little Professor. Miriam Elizabeth Burstein blog. "Things Victorian and academic."
  • London Review Blog. London Review of Books weblog.
  • Marginal Revolution. "Small steps towards a much better world". Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok; some literary coverage.
  • New York Review blog. "Roving thoughts and provocations from our writers."
  • The Paris Review Daily. Weblog of The Paris Review.
  • The Pequod. "Essays, creative writing and photography".
  • Prospero. Books, art, and culture at The Economist, "features literary insight and cultural commentary from our correspondents".
  • Quick Study. "Scott McLemee on books, ideas & trash-culture ephemera"
  • Reluctant Habits. "A cultural webiste in ever-shifting standing. " Formerly: Edward Champion's Return of the Reluctant. Still with solid literary coverage.
  • Translation Journal Blog. Blog of the Translation Journal. Very limited activity.
  • The Valve. "A literary organ". Group weblog.

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Literary weblogs - Foreign sources

Literary weblogs in languages other than English:

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Literary weblogs - defunct, retired, on hiatus

Literary weblogs that are still available online but are no longer being updated:
  • Around the World in 100 Books. "Aiming to read 100 books from 100 different countries in one year." (Retired 8/2007).
  • ABR blog. Australian Book Review weblog. (Retired 2/2011)
  • Beatrix. "A book review review" by Ron Hogan. Great idea, now abandoned.
  • The Beiderbecke Affair. "A weblog that concerns itself with things literary while also indulging its proprietor's rather unrelated interests in the early jazz musician Bix Beiderbecke and Korean culture, history, and politics". (Retired 3/2010).
  • Biblioaddict. By "a compulsive book buyer with the odd habits of smelling the pages of published books and collecting the bookmarks to match". (Retired 10/2010).
  • Big A little a. "Children's Books, Writing, and Life". Kelly Herold's weblog. (Retired 1/2011).
  • black blog. Italian. "Notizie, informazioni e curiosità sui libri e gli autori della collana, ma non solo..." Extensive coverage. (Retired 7/2006)
  • Blographia Literaria. "Maintained as a record of my post-collegiate reading and musings on contemporary politics and culture." (On hiatus since 2/2011)
  • BookAngst 101. Publishing focus, by "a senior executive for a major New York publisher".
  • The Book Babes. "Ellen Heltzel and Margo Hammond: Two veteran book critics who believe books are better than Botox." (Retired 11/2010)
  • BookBlog. "Basically a book club that meets once a month to discuss a book. Unlike a regular book club, our discussions are all done online." (Retired 1/2008).
  • book/daddy. Jerome Weeks' weblog. "Ponders books, publishing, literacy, print media." (Retired 1/2010).
  • The Book Design Review. Book cover weblog. (Retired 1/2010).
  • booklit. "booklit is a book review blog spanning contemporary, world, and classic fiction, although the occasional bit of non-fiction slips in". (Retired 6/2010).
  • Book-Loop. "No two persons ever read the same book." (Retired 10/2008).
  • Bookninja. Extensive daily links and commentary. Recommended. (Retired 2/2011)
  • The Book Room. "Where we talk about books -- and not just best sellers.". Chicago Sun-Times weblog, run by Teresa Budasi. (Retired 10/2009).
  • The Books of My Numberless Dreams. Weblog of "a 23 year old Jamaican lost in Canada". (Retired 12/2009).
  • Books, Words, And Writing. Amy Nelson-Mile's weblog. Canadian. (Retired 8/2007).
  • A Bookseller's Tale. "Thoughts on books, politics, fresh ground coffee, and other cool stuff." (Retired 1/2009)
  • The Bookseller to the Stars. Mark Farley's weblog. (Retired 8/2008).
  • Blog of a Bookslut. Generally at least half a dozen links with brief commentary every weekday by Jessa Crispin and occasionally others. Probably the most popular and best known of the literary weblogs. (Retired 4/2016).
  • BookWise. "News about the world of books and publishing from India". (Retired 10/2010.)
  • BookWoman. "A reader blog about writing and publishing with Joni Rogers" (Retired 1/2007)
  • Bookworm on the Net. "A Sundays-only roundup of my online book world travels during the week" by Anne Weale (Retired 11/2007)
  • Buzz, Balls & Hype. M.J.Rose's weblog. Focussed on book-marketing. (Retired 3/2011)
  • canon fodder. "A different book reviewed every weekday" (Retired 12/2007).
  • A Compulsive Reader. "Reading, writing, booking." (Retired 5/2011).
  • The Constant Conversation. The weblog of The Quarterly Conversation.
  • The Count of Monty Cristo. "Learned commentary on the three r's: readin', ritin', and runnin' from zombies"
  • CLEWS. "A literary blog where the chairs rest at the intersection of history, journalism, law, and murder, and the shelves are filled with the finest true crime literature". (Retired 9/2010)
  • A Commonplace Blog. D.G.Myers' weblog. (Deceased 9/2014)
  • Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind. Sarah Weinman's weblog. Especially good mystery coverage, but excellent, broad range generally. (Retired 1/2011)
  • A Conspiracy of Smart People. The book blog at the Albany Times-Union. (Retired 10/2010).
  • Crockatt and Powell Booksellers. London bookstore weblog. (Closed 7/2009)
  • David Thayer. "A literary blog with occasional forays into politics, art, The Rule of St. Benedict, Roman history, original fiction and poetry." (Retired 12/2009)
  • DesiLit Daily. "Celebrating South Asian and diaspora literature" (Retired 9/2010)
  • Dibs !. "Early buzz on upcoming books". (Retired 7/2009)
  • Dispatches from Zembla. "Not flimsy nonsense, but a web of sense ". Good literary coverage. (Retired 11/2009)
  • Earth Goat. Group weblog.
  • English PEN World Atlas. Blog of the English PEN Online World Atlas. (Retired 9/2009)
  • eXchanges blog. "This blog is run by the staff of eXchanges, the University of Iowa’s journal of literary translation". (Retired 10/2009)
  • fade theory. "Combines information and reflection on book history, book arts, book news, and reading theory."
  • faith in fiction. "To further the conversation on faith and fiction." Weblog of the fiction acquisitions editor at Bethany House. (Retired 6/2008)
  • firmly ambivalent. Good personal blog. Only occasionally updated. (Retired 1/2009)
  • forgotten classics. "Reading neglected writers so you don't have to. A Time Out (London) column and a blog for books that seem to be undeservedly forgotten." (Retired 10/2007)
  • Gaddis Drinking Club. "Reading The Recognitions, Drink in Hand".
  • GalleyCat. "Blogging about books and publishing" by Ron Hogan and others. Industry focus. (Retired 12/2016)
  • Happy Antipodean. "Book reviews, event news, commentary from Down Under." (Retired 1/2011)
  • The Happy Booker. Personal weblog. (Retired 4/2009).
  • How books got their titles. Just what it says. Gary Dexter's weblog. (Retired 7/2010)
  • indianwriting. "Books, Bombay, and Everything Else." Indian focus. (Retired 7/2009)
  • Kitabkhana. Numerous links, updates several times a week. Particularly strong on India-related subjects. (Retired 8/2007)
  • Languor Management. Kevin Kinsella's weblog. East European and Russian focus. (Retired 9/2009)
  • The Litblog Co-op. "Uniting the leading literary weblogs for the purpose of drawing attention to the best of contemporary fiction, authors and presses". (Retired early 2008)
  • Literaisons. "A cache for more or less regular posts on the books I'm reading as well as things of interest to the literary community". (Retired 10/2005)
  • The Literary Detective. Previously: Weekend Stubble. (Retired 11/2010).
  • The Literate Kitten . "A splendiforous smorgasbordial smattering of ideas to promote literature, literacy and all things literary." (Retired 10/2009)
  • Literati Illuminations. "Specific reviews of specific titles, thoughts along the way and other literary pursuits." (Retired 11/2007)
  • LitMinds.org Blog. "Bringing together a community of reading enthusiasts, one book, author, bookstore, and reader at a time". (Retired 4/2010)
  • Local Character. Major focus "on fiction, translation, and book publishing worldwide". Matt Rowe's weblog. (Retired 5/2010)
  • Logophilia. "This is where I share the words I'm discovering and my thoughts on books and bookish things". UK-based. (Retired 3/2009)
  • Matilda. Perry Middlemiss' weblog. Australian focus. (Retired 1/2014)
  • Miss Snark, the literary agent. "In which Miss Snark vents her wrath on the hapless world of writers and crushes them to sand beneath her T.Rexual heels of stiletto snark". (Retired 5/2007)
  • Moderato. Zdenka Pregelj weblog. (Retired 2/2011)
  • La Muselivre. French. Good international coverage. (Retired 5/2007)
  • Off the Books. "Using The News & Observer's Sunday books pages as a launching pad, Off the Books explores the intersections of literature, politics, culture and life." Maintained by J.Peder Zane. (Retired 7/2006)
  • Narrative Snack. "Laying out the welcome mat for the (narrative) nonfiction faction." Caroline Kettlewell's weblog. Previously Welcome to the hinterlands. (Retired 11/2010).
  • Off the page. "A blog about cultural life, both inside and outside the covers". South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Retired 9/2009)
  • el ojo fisgón. Spanish. "Notas sueltas acerca de los hallazgos de mi ojo fisgón en el mercado editorial y de las tendencias de éste". (Retired 8/2009)
  • The OLM Blog. Open Letters Monthly weblog. (Retired 30/12/2009)
  • On the Shelf. "Reviews, author news, and other crazy stories that make the book world go 'round." Peabody Institute Library weblog. (Retired 7/2005)
  • Out of the Woods Now. Literary focus. (Retired 11/2010).
  • Outside of a Dog. Good, personal site, book/reading focus. (Retired 5/2009)
  • De Papieren Man. Dutch. "Literaire berichten voor 'gevorderden' door Dirk Leyman." (Retired 9/2011)
  • Petrona. Maxine Clarke's weblog. Almost all mystery reviews. UK based (Died 12/2012)
  • Prix-Litteraires. French. Blog at prix-litteraires.net, with excellent coverage of all the French literary prizes. (Abandoned 9/2012)
  • Prufrock's Page. Based in India, but international coverage. (Retired 1/2008)
  • Readers' Corner. Johnson County Library weblog. (Retired 11/2007)
  • a reader's progress. Robert Birnbaum's weblog. Not frequently updated, but in-depth entries.
  • Reading Ahead. "The National Book Foundation’s blog on the future of literary reading." Run by Harold Augenbraum. (Retired 4/2010).
  • Reading and Writing in The Age of Sand. Bud Parr's weblog. Previously called Chekhov’s Mistress. (Retired 5/2010).
  • scribblingwoman. "Mostly about books, writing, sf, the eighteenth century, parenting, and books." (Moved 11/2007)
  • The Second Pass. "Blog posts about books new and old". (On hiatus since 11/2011)
  • The Sharp Side. Ellis Sharp's weblog. (Retired 31/12/2007)
  • s1ngularity::criticism. "A strange collaborative criticism blog". (Retired 5/2006)
  • Syntax of Things. "One person's crap is another person's blog ...". Solid literary coverage. (Retired 1/2010)
  • texts & pretexts. Decent literary coverage. (Retired 1/2009)
  • Toasting Napoleon. "A blog about writers: being one, working with them, liking them". (Retired 3/2010)
  • 2blowhards. Longer commentary, occasionally on literary/publishing matters. Good feedback. (Retired 7/2010).
  • UniBrow. "Where Highbrow and Lowbrow come together. Right between the eyes." (Retired 11/2008)
  • Willa Burke. Literary agent hunt, and a bit more.
  • The Written Nerd. "Confessions of an independent bookseller and unrepentant book nerd". (Retired 5/2011).

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