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13 July 2024 - Saturday

New RSL fellows | Bestselling in ... the UK

       New RSL fellows

       The Royal Society of Literature has announced 29 new Fellows and 13 new Honorary Fellows.

       Works by only two of the new Fellows are under review at the complete review -- Mick Herron (e.g. The Secret Hours) and Nii Ayikwei Parkes (Tail of the Blue Bird).

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Bestselling in ... the UK

       At The Bookseller Tom Tivnan reports on the bestselling books and authors in the UK for the first half of the year, according to Nielsen BookScan; see also the top 20 -- both by units sold and value.
       Julia Donaldson tops the list, with 1,253,890 units sold; J.K.Rowling is third, with 383,261; Stephen King slips in at number 19, with 159,186.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

12 July 2024 - Friday

Dennis Cooper Q & A | Union State literature awards
Lit Hub's Most Anticipated (II)

       Dennis Cooper Q & A

       At Interview Lucy K. Shaw has a Q & A with Dennis Cooper Has a New Book Out. Just Don't Expect Him to Do Any Readings.
       Among his responses:
I read a lot of fiction, but I only read avant-garde fiction or whatever, I never read normal fiction.
       (And see also DC's, 'The blog of author Dennis Cooper'.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Union State literature awards

       BelTA reports that Lukashenko presents Union State literature, art awards at Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, as Putin-puppet Aleksandr Lukashenko presented: "prizes of the Union State of Belarus and Russia for literature and art for 2023-2024 to people, who had made a significant contribution to the reinforcement of friendship between the peoples of Belarus and Russia".
       Yeah, there's an 'honor' .....
       And I don't suspect we'll see the work of any of these prize-winners in English (or other) translation soon.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Lit Hub's Most Anticipated (II)

       At the Literary Hub they have Lit Hub's Most Anticipated Books of 2024, Part Two -- '193 Books to Read in the Second Half of the Year'.
       Certainly some titles of interest here .....
       The only titles under review at the complete review at this time are Lev Grossman's The Bright Sword and Ogawa Yoko's Mina's Matchbox.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

11 July 2024 - Thursday

International Booker Prize judging panel
Robert Chandler on Andrey Platonov | Hotlist finalists

       International Booker Prize judging panel

       They've announced the members of the judging panel for next year's International Booker Prize, and they are: Max Porter, who will chair; Caleb Femi, Sana Goyal, Anton Hur, and Beth Orton.
       They've also announced the dates for it, with the longlist to be announced 25 February 2025, the shortlist on 8 April, and the winner on 20 May.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Robert Chandler on Andrey Platonov

       In Prospect Robert Chandler writes on People person: the greatness of Andrey Platonov -- a good introduction to the author.
       His (and wife Elizabeth's) new translation of Chevengur is recently out in the US from New York Review Books -- see their publicity page -- and from Harvill Secker in the UK -- see their publicity page.
       The US publishers recently noted: "Platonov's Chevengur has been a bit of a breakout "hit"", which is pretty neat.
       The only Platono under review at the complete review is Happy Moscow.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Hotlist finalists

       They've announced the thirty finalists for the German Hotlist competition, selected from 204 entries -- one from each independent publisher.
       Readers can vote, with the three top vote-getters joining seven titles chosen by the official jury for the shortlist that will be announced on 10 September; the winner will be announced 18 October.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

10 July 2024 - Wednesday

Martin Puchner Q & A | Korean anthology

       Martin Puchner Q & A

       In The Harvard Gazette Eileen O'Grady reports on how: 'Martin Puchner is using chatbots to bring to life Socrates, Shakespeare, and Thoreau', in A modern approach to teaching classics.
       Puchner edited the latest, fifth edition of The Norton Anthology of World Literature -- see my mention -- and that's addressed here as well.
       And, yes, he's 'customized' AI chatbots, as:
You upload a defined data set -- let's say the Platonic Dialogues -- and then you generate instructions. Through trial and error, I figured out how to shape that combination of data set and instructions so that you can talk to Socrates.
       It's apparently that simple .....

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Korean anthology

       In The Korea Times Park Han-sol reports on how the First century-spanning anthology of modern Korean women's literature hits shelves; see also the Mimusa weblog mention.
       Seven volumes -- this looks very impressive.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

9 July 2024 - Tuesday

Best Books of the 21st Century ? | Robert Walser-Preise

       Best Books of the 21st Century ?

       The New York Times is the latest to try to determine The 100 Best Books of the 21st Century (presumably paywalled) -- so far only 100-81, though they might have revealed more by the time you read this.
       They had: "503 novelists, nonfiction writers, poets, critics and other book lovers" vote.

       They are,of course, far from the first to have a go at this; see, for example The Guardian's The 100 best books of the 21st century (from 2019) and Vulture's Premature Attempt at the 21st Century Canon, from 2018.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Robert Walser-Preise

       They've announced the winners of this year's Robert Walser Prizes, a biennial Swiss prize awarded for first works of prose, one in German, one in French, with Ferymont by Lorena Simmel winning the German prize -- see also the Verbrecher Verlag publicity page -- and Ceux qui appartiennent au jour by Emma Doude van Troostwijk winning the French prize -- see the Éditions de Minuit publicity page.
       Each winner gets CHF 20,000.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

8 July 2024 - Monday

Cavafy house | Rose Royal review

       Cavafy house

       I mentioned the recent opening of the Constantine Cavafy archive a few months ago, and now Helena Smith has a longer piece in The Observer on Cavafy's house in Alexandria, in Greek poet who inspired Forster, Hockney and Jackie Onassis emerges from the shadows.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Rose Royal review

       The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Nicolas Mathieu's novella, Rose Royal: A Love Story.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

7 July 2024 - Sunday

Anita Desai

       Anita Desai

       Anita Desai has a new book, Rosarita -- out in the UK, and coming in January in the US; see the publicity pages from Picador and Scribner, pre-order your copy from or get it at -- and so there are a some profiles and the like out.
       In The Guardian Emma Brockes recently had a profile of her, Anita Desai: ‘After I left India, I had to train myself to express my opinions’.
       At Sayari Debnath now has a Q & A with her, ‘I have spent at least a part of my day writing since the age of seven’: Anita Desai.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

6 July 2024 - Saturday

HKW Internationaler Literaturpreis | Crime Writers' Association Daggers
Bookselling in Germany 2023 | The Book and the Brotherhood review

       HKW Internationaler Literaturpreis

       The Haus der Kulturen der Welt has announced the winner of this year's Internationaler Literaturpreis, a leading German prize for a work in translation, and it is Stefan Moster's translation of Pajtim Statovci's My Cat Yugoslavia; see also the Vintage publicity page for the English translation.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Crime Writers' Association Daggers

       The Crime Writers' Association has announced the winners of this year's Daggers -- though not yet at the official site, last I checked; see, for example, Melina Spanoudi's report at The Bookseller.
       The Gold Dagger went to Tell Me What I Am, by Una Mannion.
       The Crime Fiction in Translation Dagger went to Emma Ramadan's translation of My Husband, by Maud Ventura.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Bookselling in Germany 2023

       Christina Schulte has the official numbers for the German book market in 2023 at Börsenblatt, in Die offiziellen Zahlen für den Buchmarkt 2023 sind da.
       Among the numbers of interest:
  • 25 million people bought books in 2023 -- down 2.8 per cent from 2022.
  • 60,230 new titles were published in 2023, down 6.3 per cent from 2022 (64,278) -- and down from 70,395 in 2019 .....
  • 8760 works in translation were published, down 6.8 per cent from 2022 (9403)

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       The Book and the Brotherhood review

       The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Iris Murdoch's The Book and the Brotherhood.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

5 July 2024 - Friday

Premio Strega | Wales Books of the Year | Nerîman Evdikê Q & A

       Premio Strega

       They've announced the winner of this year's Premio Strega, the leading Italian novel prize, and it is L’età fragile, by Donatella Di Pietrantonio. It received 189 of the 644 submitted votes, comfortably beating out runner-up Invernale by Dario Voltolin which got 143 votes; Autobiogrammatica by Tommaso Giartosio fared by far the poorest of the six finalist, garnering a mere 25 votes.
       Europa Editions has published translations of two previous titles by Di Pietrantonio, and a translation -- by Ann Goldstein -- of this title is expected in 2025; meanwhile, see the Einaudi publicity page.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Wales Books of the Year

       They've announced the winners of this years Wales Book of the Year, with Tom Bullough's Sarn Helen winning both the Creative Non-Fiction Award and the Overall Wales Book of the Year, and Mari George's Sut i Ddofi Corryn winning the Overall Welsh-language Wales Book of the Year 2024 and Fiction Award.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Nerîman Evdikê Q & A

       ANF has a two-part Q & A with Northern and Eastern Syria Literature Council spokesperson Nerîman Evdikê -- The real literature of this revolution will emerge and We need more literary critics.
       Yes, among her responses is that:
One of our main problems is the lack of literary criticism. There is no evaluating or analyzing the new books.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

4 July 2024 - Thursday

Brands and literature | Kseniya Tsyhanchuk Q & A | Speculative Arab fiction

       Brands and literature

       A few weeks ago I mentioned a report on brands 'leaning into the literary world', and at Jing Daily Bethanie Ryder now offers examples of How brands are harnessing luxury's love for literature in China.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Kseniya Tsyhanchuk Q & A

       At New Eastern Europe Kinga Anna Gajda has a Q & A with Kseniya Tsyhanchuk, in Exploring crime fiction, war and Ukrainian literature.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Speculative Arab fiction

       At the Middle East Research and Information Project Marcia Lynx Qualey writes about Speculative Climate Futures in Arab Literature.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

3 July 2024 - Wednesday

Miles Franklin shortlist | Murakami re-translation
The Millions' summer preview

       Miles Franklin shortlist

       They've announced the shortlist for this year's Miles Franklin Literary Award, a leading Australian literary prize.
       No surprise that Praiseworthy, by Alexis Wright, is still in the running .....
       The winner will be announced on 1 August.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Murakami re-translation

       Murakami Haruki's Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World was published in English in 1991. As the small print acknowledged, it was in fact: "translated and adapted by Alfred Birnbaum with the participation of the author" [emphasis added].
       'Adapted', *sigh* ..... And there are people who complain about AI translation .....
       Fortunately, this outrage is now being rectified: a new translation, by Jay Rubin, is due out in December -- and the first big change is already the truer-to-the-original translation of the title (世界の終りとハードボイルド・ワンダーランド in the Japanese original), as: End of the World and Hard-Boiled Wonderland.
       See also the publicity pages from Everyman's Library Contemporary Classics Series and Vintage Classics, or pre-order your copy at,, or

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       The Millions' summer preview

       The Millions now has their Most Anticipated: The Great Summer 2024 Preview -- "more than 80 books".

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

2 July 2024 - Tuesday

Ismail Kadare (1936-2024) | Robert Irwin (1946-2024)

       Ismail Kadare (1936-2024)

       Leading Albanian author Ismail Kadare has passed away; see, for example, David Bellos' Ismail Kadare obituary in The Guardian -- Bellos translated a number of Kadare works from their French translations -- as well as Richard Lea's Ismail Kadare, giant of Albanian literature, dies aged 88, also in The Guardian, as well as Rusha Haljuci in The New York Times, reporting that Ismail Kadare, 88, Dies; His Novels Brought Albania's Plight to the World (presumably paywalled).
       Several of Kadare's novels are under review at the complete review:        And see also David Bellos on The Englishing of Ismail Kadare: Notes of a retranslator at the cr Quarterly.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Robert Irwin (1946-2024)

       British author Robert Irwin has passed away; see, for example, the report at Locus, as well as some personal reflections by publisher Eric Lane at Dedalus.
       Two of Irwin's novels are under review at the complete review Prayer-Cushions of the Flesh and The Runes Have Been Cast, and I'm sure to get to more.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

1 July 2024 - Monday

Sigríður Hagalín Björnsdóttir and Jón Kalman Stefánsson profile


       They held the Tage der deutschsprachigen Literatur over the weekend, with the Bachmannpreis, the German literary prize where invited authors read texts and are judged live by a jury; Tijan Sila won the top prize, with his Der Tag, an dem meine Mutter verrückt wurde (warning ! dreaded pdf format !).

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Sigríður Hagalín Björnsdóttir and Jón Kalman Stefánsson

       At High North News Astri Edvardsen has a profile of Sigríður Hagalín Björnsdóttir and Jón Kalman Stefánsson after they participated in a debate on 'resilience in the North', in Icelandic Author Couple: Literature Allows Us To Explore Everything, Including the End of the World.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

30 June 2024 - Sunday

Translation in ... India | Megan McDowell Q & A | Translation and AI

       Translation in ... India

       In the Free Press Journal Sapna Sarfare looks at how Translations Are Transforming India‚Äôs Reading Landscape -- translations from Indian regional languages into English and vice versa.
       Sounds good -- though. as I often note, it would be great if more of these wre readily available beyond India as well.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Megan McDowell Q & A

       In The Los Angeles Times Jim Ruland has a Q & A with Megan McDowell, in Meet the translator turning American readers on to Latin American superstars.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Translation and AI

       Frank Wynne was recently awarded the French-American Foundation Translation Prize for fiction, for his translation of Mathias Énard's The Annual Banquet of the Gravediggers' Guild, and at they now have part of his acceptance speech, Translator Frank Wynn on AI: ‘The kernel of all art is the sound of human voice seeking to be heard’.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

29 June 2024 - Saturday

Ovide moralisé | Frederick Crews (1933-2024)

       Ovide moralisé

       Harvard University Press recently published a translation of The Moralized Ovid by Pierre Bersuire in their Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library series -- see their publicity page; I have a copy, and I'm looking forward to getting to it -- but there's also a translation of The Medieval French Ovide moralisé out, in three volumes; see the Boydell & Brewer publicity page, and at the publisher's weblog they have a Q & A with editors and translators K.Sarah-Jane Murray and Matthieu Boyd.
       Both books sound fascinating -- and I really want to see Ovide moralisé as well .....

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Frederick Crews (1933-2024)

       Scholar Frederick Crews has passed away; see, for example, Scott Veale's obituary (presumably paywalled) in The New York Times
       I enjoyed his The Pooh Perplex, back in the day; the only work by him under review at the complete review is his Postmodern Pooh.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

28 June 2024 - Friday

Kinky Friedman (1944-2024) | PEN Pinter Prize | Orwell Prizes
The Misadventures of Master Mugwort review

       Kinky Friedman (1944-2024)

       American musician and author Kinky Friedman has passed away; see, for example, Richard 'Kinky' Friedman, Texas musician, humorist, political candidate, dead at 79 by Matthew Odam in the Austin American-Statesman, Kinky Friedman, Musician and Humorist Who Slew Sacred Cows, Dies at 79 by Clay Risen in The New York Times, and Kinky Friedman's Wit Turned the Jewish Cowboy Into a Texas Icon by Dan Solomon in the Texas Monthly; see also “Texas Is My Family”: Kinky Friedman in His Own Words also in the Texas Monthly.
       I read most of his mysteries, way back in the day, and enjoyed them.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       PEN Pinter Prize

       They've announced the winner of this year's PEN Pinter Prize, and it is Arundhati Roy; she gets to pick up the prize on 10 October.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Orwell Prizes

       They've announced the winners of this year's Orwell Prizes -- though not yet at the official site, last I checked -- and My Friends by Hisham Matar won the prize for political fiction.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       The Misadventures of Master Mugwort review

       The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of A Joke Book Trilogy from Imperial China by Su Shi, Lu Cai, and Tu Benjun, The Misadventures of Master Mugwort, recently out from Oxford University Press in their Hsu-Tang Library of Classical Chinese Literature.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

27 June 2024 - Thursday

Prémio Camões | Europese Literatuurprijs shortlist
New World Literature Today | Ukrainian literature

       Prémio Camões

       They've announced the winner of this year's Prémio Camões, the leading Lusophone author prize, and it is Adélia Prado
       Several collections of her work have been translated into English; see, for example, The Mystical Rose (see the Bloodaxe publicity page), The Alphabet in the Park (see the Wesleyan University Press publicity page), and Ex-Voto (see the Tupelo Press publicity page).

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Europese Literatuurprijs shortlist

       They've announced the shortlist -- the four titles remaining in the running -- for this year's Europese Literatuurprijs, the leading Dutch literay prize for a European work in translation.
       The winner will be announced on 4 September.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       New World Literature Today

       The July/August issue of World Literature Today is now out, with a focus on International Horror in Translation.
       And, of course, there's the always interesting book review section.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Ukrainian literature

       At RAAM Uilleam Blacker offers an overview of Discovering Ukrainian literature: what to read ?

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

26 June 2024 - Wednesday

Peace Prize of the German Book Trade | Jaroslav Rudiš Q & A

       Peace Prize of the German Book Trade

       They've announced the winner of this year's Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, and it is Anne Applebaum; she gets to pick up the prize at the end of the Frankfurt Book Fair this fall, on 20 October.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Jaroslav Rudiš Q & A

       Czech author Jaroslav Rudiš' Winterberg's Last Journey is now available in English -- see the Jantar publicity page -- and at Radio Prague International Ian Willoughby has a Q & A with Jaroslav Rudiš: Everything is connected in Central Europe.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

25 June 2024 - Tuesday

Literary bars in Tokyo | Human Sadness review

       Literary bars in Tokyo

       At The Japan News Takafumi Masaki writes on Tokyo's Literary Bars: A Place Famous Writers Grabbed Drinks, Gained Inspiration; Many Artists Still Gather to Discuss Their Crafts
       But: "in recent years, many of the bars have gone out of business" .....

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Human Sadness review

       The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Goderdzi Chokheli's Human Sadness, a Soviet-era Georgian novel coming out from Dedalus.

       This is also of particular translation-interest because five translators were involved -- one for each of the distinct voices in the novel.
       This was translated as part of the Oxford Georgian Translation Project. Always great to see more translations from the Georgian -- and hopefully this project will lead to many more.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

24 June 2024 - Monday

Alain Mabanckou profile

       Alain Mabanckou profile

       In Businessday Obinna Emelike profiles the African Psycho-author, in At home with Alain Mabanckou: Prolific Francophone Congolese poet, novelist.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

23 June 2024 - Sunday

Humor in classical Arabic literature | The Bright Sword review

       Humor in classical Arabic literature

       At New Lines Magazine Ahmed Mahjoub writes on Recovering the Bawdy Humor of Classical Arabic Literature.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       The Bright Sword review

       The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of A Novel of King Arthur by Lev Grossman, The Bright Sword, due out shortly.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

22 June 2024 - Saturday

Society of Authors Awards | New Vikram Seth
Scientific articles as modernist stories ?

       Society of Authors Awards

       The Society of Authors has announced the winners of its 2024 awards -- thirty-one of them.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       New Vikram Seth

       There's a new book by Vikram Seth coming out -- but, no, it's not the long anticipated and much-delayed A Suitable Girl ("A Suitable Girl will now be published in the autumn of 2016", Claire Armitstead wrote in 2013 ...). Speaking Tiger is publishing a bilingual edition of The Hanuman Chalisa, with Seth's translation.
       Anything to put off finishing A Suitable Girl ? But apparently this isn't entirely new either -- Giridhar Jha reported on Seth reciting his translation at the Patna Lit Fest over a decade ago ......
       As to A Suitable Girl -- well Hachette Australia lists a 13 November 2025 publication date for it, so maybe .....

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Scientific articles as modernist stories ?

       There's a preprint at the PhilSci Archive of Anatolii Kozlov and Michael T. Stuart's paper suggesting that Scientific Experimental Articles are Modernist Stories. (The paper itself is docx file, so it has to be downloaded, sigh .....).
       As they sum up in the abstract:
We argue that scientific experimental articles are best understood as a particular kind of narrative: i.e., modernist narratives (think: Woolf, Joyce), at least in the sense that they employ many of the same techniques, including colligation and the juxtaposition of multiple perspectives. We suggest that this way of writing is necessary given the nature of modern science, but it also has specific epistemic benefits: it provides readers with an effective way to grasp the content of scientific articles which increases their understanding. On the other hand, modernist writing is vulnerable to certain kinds of epistemic abuses, which can be found instantiated in modern scientific writing as well.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

21 June 2024 - Friday

Fixed book pricing | Filter Vertaalprijs finalists | Australian espionage fiction

       Fixed book pricing

       Via M.C.'s NB column (paywalled) in this week's TLS I am pointed to the interesting recent paper by Rhys J. Williams in the Journal of Competition Law & Economics considering Empirical Effects of Resale Price Maintenance: Evidence from Fixed Book Price Policies in Europe, which finds, as they sum up in the Abstract:
that countries which have Fixed Book Prices policies witness higher book sales, relative to countries without such a policy, with no noticeable effect on the average price of books.
       It'll be interesting to see whether this leads to any policy changes -- specifically in the UK, which abandoned fixed book pricing in the mid-1990s.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Filter Vertaalprijs finalists

       They've announced the finalists for this year's Filter Vertaalprijs, a leading Dutch translation prize.
       Only one of the translations is from the English -- Paul Harding's This Other Eden -- but interestingly the Dutch translation of one of the other titles, of Pauline Peyrade's L'âge de détruire, is ... The age of destroying.
       The winner will be announced 1 October.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Australian espionage fiction

       At The Conversation David Rymer explores Why have Australia's espionage authors been renditioned to a literary black site ? as even the: "high water mark in 2018 saw only nine espionage novels appear in print".

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

20 June 2024 - Thursday

Shiraishi Kazuko (1931-2024) | Jan Cremer (1940-2024)
Warwick Prize submissions | 'DEI' and publishing

       Shiraishi Kazuko (1931-2024)

       Japanese poet Shiraishi Kazuko has passed away; see, for example, Yuri Kageyama's AP report, Japan’s ‘beat poet’ Kazuko Shiraishi, pioneer of modern performance poetry, dies at 93.
       New Directions has published several collections by her.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Jan Cremer (1940-2024)

       Dutch author and painter Jan Cremer has passed away; see, for example, the brief De Bezige Bij note and the ANP report at NL Times.
       He remains best-known for his 'autobiographical novel' I Jan Cremer, but the English translation seems to be long out of print; see also the Cremer author page at De Bezige Bij; see also his official site.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer)    - permanent link -

       Warwick Prize submissions

       The Warwick Prize for Women in Translation has published the List of eligible titles (warning ! dreaded pdf format !) entered for the 2024 prize. (As I repeat every year: every literary prize should do this.)
       There are 148 titles in the running, translated from 34 languages (in my book, Flemish and Dutch count as one language, not two).
       As always, this is a great resource for those interested in recent translations.

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       'DEI' and publishing

       At The Atlantic Big Fiction-author Dan Sinykin and Richard Jean So consider: Has the DEI Backlash Come for Publishing ? (presumably paywalled).
       Recent firings certainly suggest so .....

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19 June 2024 - Wednesday

Most beautiful German books | Jinbōchō guide

       Most beautiful German books

       The German Stiftung Buchkunst has selected the twenty-five most beautiful German books of 2024 -- five each in five categories.

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       Jinbōchō guide

       At they offer an: "introduction to some of the many secondhand bookstores in Jinbōchō, Tokyo", in Exploring Jinbōchō’s Secondhand Bookstores.

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18 June 2024 - Tuesday

Hotlist 2024 entries | Håkan Nesser sentenced | Literature and fashion

       Hotlist 2024 entries

       The German 'Hotlist' prize invites all independent German-language publishing houses to each submit one title from their list for the competition; 30 finalists are then chosen by a jury; the public can then vote on these, with the three top vote-getters making the shortlist that is filled out by seven selections by the jury.
       Admirably, they reveal all 204 titles that were submitted this year -- even if they annoyingly don't simply have one single-page list of then all .....

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       Håkan Nesser sentenced

       Popular Swedish author Håkan Nesser (e.g. Borkmann's Point) was acquitted of tax evasion charges last year, but the prosecution appealed the judgment and it was recently reversed and Nesser sentenced to eighteen months in jail; see, for example, the AFP report (here at Barron's) Sweden Jails Best-selling Thriller Writer For Tax Evasion. (The reports are unclear as to whether or not he has actually been jailed; presumably he has only been sentenced -- and will now, in turn, also appeal the judgment.)

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       Literature and fashion

       At Vogue Business Madeleine Schulz reports on Book girl summer: Why brands are leaning into the literary world, as: "fashion is leaning on the written word to regain -- or, at least, embrace -- a sense of intellectualism" -- as: "in aligning with books themselves, brands are able to tap consumers' heightened interest in the act of reading".
       At least by some measures Miu Miu's Summer Reads, for example, has certainly been a success:
The activation generated $852,000 in media impact value (MIV) in the first two days post-launch, of which $712,000 came from social media and $140,000 from online articles, according to Launchmetrics.
       "Media impact value", sigh ..... (Unfamiliar/baffled as I am with/by the concept of 'media impact value', I suspect I've also never generated any .....)

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