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the complete review:

     The complete review welcomes links and relies on them to a great extent. We are extremely pleased if users provide us with new links, or advise us of links that no longer function. However, please note that we are only interested and able to use links as follows:
  • For our review-pages: links to information about books that are already under review at the complete review. The complete review has no interest whatsoever in links that do not refer to books already under review on this site, and so even if you have the greatest John Grisham site-link ever, PLEASE do NOT tell us about it.

  • For our Literary Saloon-weblog: links to information of the sort that you generally find there -- i.e. dealing with international literature, literature in translation, authors and books under review at the complete review, and the like. Information about readings and events are generally only of interest if authors/books/subjects are involved that are usually covered at the complete review (so: Harry Mulisch-yes; John Grisham-no).

  • For our various Links-pages:
    • Book review sites: we are only interested in sites/pages whose primary focus is reviewing books. Generally we don't link to sites/pages with fewer than 100 accessible reviews (though in cases of extreme specialization exceptions will be made)
    • Literary weblogs: we link primarily to weblogs whose focus is literary and book coverage. We generally will not link to author-sites unless the primary focus there is not on the author's own books
    • Publishers: we link primarily to publishers who publish the kind of books we review -- but that covers almost everything, so we welcome being made of aware of almost all publisher sites (but, especially with smaller operations (less than 10 titles p.a.), won't always use these links)
     We are strongly inclined not to link to sites whose main function is commercial (rather than informational) -- book(selling)-clubs, pay-for-reviews review sites, etc.

     If you do have a link that would seem to meet our guidelines, or if you would like to inform us of an out-of-date or incorrect link on this site, please contact the:

Links Editor

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