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The Good Fairies of New York

Martin Millar

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Title: The Good Fairies of New York
Author: Martin Millar
Genre: Novel
Written: 1992
Length: 220 pages
Availability: The Good Fairies of New York - US
The Good Fairies of New York - UK
The Good Fairies of New York - Canada
Les petites fées de New York - France
Die Elfen von New York - Deutschland
Fate a New York - Italia
  • With an Introduction by Neil Gaiman

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Our Assessment:

B : modestly amusing fey tale

See our review for fuller assessment.

Review Summaries
Source Rating Date Reviewer
New Statesman . 29/5/1992 J. Williams

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The complete review's Review:

       The Good Fairies of New York finds two Scottish thimble fairies transported to lower Manhattan. Morag and Heather, who didn't completely fit in back in the old country, are a bit bewildered by their new surroundings, but make due as best they can. They're not entirely alone -- as it turns out, New York is heavily populated by fairies, including Italian, Chinese, and black ones.
       They glom onto some humans: Morag joins Kerry, who suffers from Crohns disease (complete with colostomy bag), while Heather hooks up with the asocial (and unmusical) Dinnie. The humans aren't entirely enthralled by the fairies, with Dinnie telling Heather: "I've decided not to believe in you in the hope you'll disappear." His efforts are, of course, ineffective.
       Some of the other fairies aren't too enthusiastic about the new foreign presences intruding on their turf either -- and then there are the fairies back home, too .....
       Not much happens. There is the daily struggle to get by. There's lots of music playing (with varying degrees of success). A violin is lost and bargained for. A flower alphabet is sought. Tramps continue to keel over, dead. There are chases and escapes. Everyone is quirky in some form or another.
       It is fairly fun fairy fun. Millar's light tone and odd episodes make for a pleasant enough tale, but all in all there's a bit little to it. Those not willing to embrace the idea of fairies (with all sorts of powers, though few really overwhelming ones) will likely find the novel fairly tiresome. On the other hand, those who like the idea of such little critters might be most amused.

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About the Author:

       British author Martin Millar has written numerous novels, both under his own name and as Martin Scott.

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