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Index of
Books Received and Acquired

the complete review

     This Index lists the most recent books received and acquired at the complete review, by month and in reverse chronological order.

     Note that books received are only recorded in the first instance; a finished copy will not be registered if an ARC of the same title has previously been received.

- last updated: 16 June 2019 -

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     Links to reviews provided where applicable (and added as reviews become available)
     Links to publishers publicity pages where available (often not when ARC/copy first received -- and not later added, sorry)
  • [requested]: specifically requested title*
  • [catalogue]: title requested via catalogue/checklist
  • [un+]: unsolicited title we would have requested*
  • [un]: unsolicited title**
  • [solicited]: pitched title that we've agreed to consider
  • [ARC]: advanced review copy/galley***
  • [e-book]: e-version of text
  • [library]: borrowed from the library
  • [$]: purchased + price
  • [gift]: gifted
  • [-]: already under review
   * Note that very many publishers with a focus on fiction in translation regularly send all relevant titles, and so these are not explicitly 'requested' (though we would ask for them if we didn't get them automatically); these are marked "un+"
   ** Titles marked "un" are ones it wouldn't have occurred to us to request (some of which are, however, nevertheless welcome and prove to be of interest)
   *** Note that only the first acquisition of a text is recorded; if/when a finished copy follows it will not be recorded here -- except in the case of e-copies: any print edition automatically supplants (and is far more likely to be reviewed than) the abomination that are e-books.

June, 2019

Books received/acquired in June, 2019
    [27 books / 1 reviewed to date]
  • Babel: Adventures in Translation, by Dennis Duncan et al. (Bodleian Library) [requested]
  • Secularity and Science, by E.H.Ecklund et al. (Oxford University Press) [catalogue]
  • The Storyteller Essays, by Walter Benjamin (New York Review Books) [un+]
  • The Capital, by Robert Menasse (Liveright) [requested]
  • Fragmentary Republican Latin: Oratory (I-III), ed. by Gesine Manuwald (Harvard University Press) [catalogue]
  • Menander Rhetor. Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Ars Rhetorica, ed. by William H. Race (Harvard University Press) [catalogue]
  • MFA vs. NYC, ed. by Chad Harbach (n=1/Faber and Faber) [$3.73]
  • Fabulous Monsters, by Alberto Manguel (Yale University Press) [ARC; un+]
  • Opioid, Indiana, by Brian Allen Carr (Soho Press) [ARC; un]
  • Trolls, by Stefan Spjut (Faber & Faber) [un+]
  • Night Departure: And, No Place (Case Dismissed), by Emmanuel Bove (Four Walls Eight Windows) [$5.18]
  • I Never Had a Bestseller, by Jacob Steinberg (Hippocrene Books) [$3.18]
  • Alles Schmeckt Nach Abschied, by Brigitte Reimann (Aufbau Verlag) [$2.38]
  • Plankton (Het Bureau 3), by J.J. Voskuil (Van Oorschot) [$3.54]
  • L'Œuvre ronde, by Marc Lapprand (Lambert Lucas) [$2.38]
  • Les lectures des otages, by Ogawa Yoko (Actes Sud) [$3.58]
  • Altered Inheritance, by Françoise Baylis (Harvard University Press) [ARC; catalogue]
  • Kthulhu Reich, by Asamatsu Ken (Kurodahan Press) [ARC; un+]
  • Peeping Tom, by Leo Marks (Faber & Faber) [$5.82]
  • The Feluda Stories, by Satyajit Ray (Viking / Penguin India) [$3.45]
  • Manga from the Floating World, by Adam L. Kern (Harvard University Press) [catalogue]
  • Fraud in the Lab, by Nicolas Chevassus-au-Louis (Harvard University Press) [catalogue; ARC]
  • Jacques Schiffrin, by Amos Reichman (Columbia University Press) [solicited]
  • Three Summers, by Margarita Liberaki (New York Review Books) [un+]
  • Grab a Snake by the Tail, by Leonardo Padura (Bitter Lemon Press) [un+]
  • Me & Other Writing, by Marguerite Duras (Dorothy, a publishing project) [ARC; un+]
  • Nikolai Nikolaevich and Camouflage, by Yuz Aleshkovsky (Columbia University Press) [un+]

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May, 2019

Books received/acquired in May, 2019
    [55 books / 7 reviewed to date]

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April, 2019

Books received/acquired in April, 2019
    [43 books / 18 reviewed to date]

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March, 2019

Books received/acquired in March, 2019
    [34 books / 6 reviewed to date]

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February, 2019

Books received/acquired in February, 2019
    [57 books / 14 reviewed to date]

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January, 2019

Books received/acquired in January, 2019
    [63 books / 20 reviewed to date]

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December, 2018

Books received/acquired in December, 2018
    [53 books / 23 reviewed to date]

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November, 2018

Books received/acquired in November, 2018
    [50 books / 18 reviewed to date]

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October, 2018

Books received/acquired in October, 2018
    [29 books / 11 reviewed to date]

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September, 2018

Books received/acquired in September, 2018
    [23 books / 12 reviewed to date]

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August, 2018

Books received/acquired in August, 2018
    [46 books / 22 reviewed to date]

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July, 2018

Books received/acquired in July, 2018
    [35 books / 13 reviewed to date]

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June, 2018

Books received/acquired in June, 2018
    [38 books / 10 reviewed to date]

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