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Index of
Books Received and Acquired

the complete review

     This Index lists the most recent books received and acquired at the complete review, by month and in reverse chronological order.

     Note that books received are only recorded in the first instance; a finished copy will not be registered if an ARC of the same title has previously been received.

- last updated: 19 October 2019 -

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     Links to reviews provided where applicable (and added as reviews become available)
     Links to publishers publicity pages where available (often not when ARC/copy first received -- and not later added, sorry)
  • [requested]: specifically requested title*
  • [catalogue]: title requested via catalogue/checklist
  • [un+]: unsolicited title we would have requested*
  • [un]: unsolicited title**
  • [solicited]: pitched title that we've agreed to consider
  • [ARC]: advanced review copy/galley***
  • [e-book]: e-version of text
  • [library]: borrowed from the library
  • [$]: purchased + price
  • [gift]: gifted
  • [-]: already under review
   * Note that very many publishers with a focus on fiction in translation regularly send all relevant titles, and so these are not explicitly 'requested' (though we would ask for them if we didn't get them automatically); these are marked "un+"
   ** Titles marked "un" are ones it wouldn't have occurred to us to request (some of which are, however, nevertheless welcome and prove to be of interest)
   *** Note that only the first acquisition of a text is recorded; if/when a finished copy follows it will not be recorded here -- except in the case of e-copies: any print edition automatically supplants (and is far more likely to be reviewed than) the abomination that are e-books.

October, 2019

Books received/acquired in October, 2019
    [29 books / 1 reviewed to date]

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September, 2019

Books received/acquired in September, 2019
    [50 books / 4 reviewed to date]
  • Selected Writings, by Konstantinos Dapontes (Harvard University Press) [un+]
  • The Word of the Speechless, by Julio Ramón Ribeyro (New York Review Books) [un+]
  • Firsts, ed. by Carl Phillips (Yale University Press) [un+]
  • Daybook 1918, by J.V.Foix (Northwestern University Press) [un+]
  • The Girl Beneath the Lion, by André Pieyre de Mandiargues (Grove Press) [$2.38]
  • The Voice, by Gabriel Okara (Heinemann) [$3.58]
  • The Cage, by Albert Bels (Peter Owen) [$2.78]
  • San-Antonio entre en scène, by Frédéric Dard (Éditions du Rocher) [$2.38]
  • Tyll, by Daniel Kehlmann (Pantheon) [ARC; requested]
  • The Dregs of the Day, by Máirtín Ó Cadhain (Yale University Press) [un+]
  • A Greek Ballad, by Michális Ganás (Yale University Press) [un+]
  • Our Riches, by Kaouther Adimi (New Directions) [ARC; catalogue]
  • Artforum, by César Aira (New Directions) [ARC; catalogue]
  • Norma Jean Baker of Troy, by Anne Carson (New Directions) [ARC; catalogue]
  • All Fires the Fire, by Julio Cortázar (New Directions) [ARC; catalogue]
  • Hurricane Season, by Fernanda Melchor (New Directions) [ARC; catalogue]
  • The Factory, by Oyamada Hiroko (New Directions) [ARC; catalogue]
  • The Ride of a Lifetime, by Robert Iger (Random House) [un]
  • My Part of Her, by Javad Djavahery (Restless Books) [ARC; un+]
  • Family Record, by Patrick Modiano (Yale University Press) [un+]
  • I Want a Baby and Other Plays, by Sergei Tretyakov (Glagoslav) [solicited]
  • Jesus' Cat, by Grig (Glagoslav) [solicited]
  • Das flüssige Land, by Raphaela Edelbauer (Klett-Cotta) [e-book; requested]
  • Abenteuerliche Reise durch mein Zimmer, by Karl-Markus Gauß (Zsolnay) [e-book; requested]
  • b, Book, and Me, by Kim Sagwa (Two Lines Press) [ARC; un+]
  • Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe (Restless Books) [un]
  • Night and Day, by Virginia Woolf (Restless Books) [un]
  • The Ingenious Language, by Andrea Marcolongo (Europa Editions) [un+]
  • I Used to Be Charming, by Eve Babitz (New York Review Books) [un+]
  • Limited by Body Habitus, by Jennifer Renee Blevins (Autumn House Press) [un]
  • Het A.P. Beerta-Instituut, by J.J. Voskuil (Uitgeverij Van Oorschot) [$1.48]
  • Hilarotragoedia, by Giorgio Manganelli (Adelphi Edizioni) [$2.98]
  • Purloining Tiny, by John Franklin Bardin (Harper & Row) [$1.48]
  • Jack Glass, by Adam C. Roberts (Gollancz) [$3.48]
  • Pourquoi lire ?, by Charles Dantzig (Grasset) [$1.48]
  • Cuckold, by Kiran Nagarkar (Harper Collins India) [$4.98]
  • A Word Child, by Iris Murdoch (Penguin) [$1.48]
  • Self-Reference Engine, by Enjoe Toh (Haikasoru) [$2.98]
  • Die Rezensenten und Arno Schmidt, by Ralf Stiftel (Bangert & Metzler) [$2.98]
  • The Day Before Yesterday, by Leon De Winter (Vehicle Editions) [$2.98]
  • Until Stones Become Lighter Than Water, by António Lobo Antunes (Yale University Press) [un+]
  • Street Sleeper, by Geoff Nicholson (Quartet) [$3.48]
  • Parade, by Kawakami Hiromi (Soft Skull Press) e-book; requested]
  • Like Flies from Afar , by K. Ferrari (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) [ARC; un+]
  • Baltic Belles, ed. by Elle-Mari Talivee (Dedalus Books) [un+]
  • UNESCO and the Fate of the Literary, by Sarah Brouillette (Stanford University Press) [e-book; requested]
  • Riquet à la houppe, by Amélie Nothomb (Albin Michel) [$4.49]
  • The Arabian Nightmare, by Robert Irwin (Overlook Press) [$4.19]
  • The Key of the Tower, by Gilbert Adair (Secker & Warburg) [$4.69]
  • Miss MacIntosh, My Darling, by Marguerite Young (Charles Scribner's Sons) [$8.69]
  • Selected Fiction, by O.V.Vijayan (Penguin India) [$4.19]

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August, 2019

Books received/acquired in August, 2019
    [59 books / 10 reviewed to date]

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July, 2019

Books received/acquired in July, 2019
    [48 books / 9 reviewed to date]

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June, 2019

Books received/acquired in June, 2019
    [40 books / 10 reviewed to date]

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May, 2019

Books received/acquired in May, 2019
    [55 books / 20 reviewed to date]

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April, 2019

Books received/acquired in April, 2019
    [43 books / 19 reviewed to date]

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March, 2019

Books received/acquired in March, 2019
    [34 books / 7 reviewed to date]

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February, 2019

Books received/acquired in February, 2019
    [57 books / 15 reviewed to date]

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January, 2019

Books received/acquired in January, 2019
    [63 books / 22 reviewed to date]

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December, 2018

Books received/acquired in December, 2018
    [53 books / 26 reviewed to date]

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November, 2018

Books received/acquired in November, 2018
    [50 books / 19 reviewed to date]

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October, 2018

Books received/acquired in October, 2018
    [29 books / 11 reviewed to date]

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