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The Most Popular Reviews

     The complete review's variation on the traditional bestseller lists ranks the books under review -- and now also the author pages -- according to which reviews and author pages were the most popular during the past month.
     Here are the reviews and author pages that attracted the most interest in July, 2020.

July, 2020

- Reviews -

  1. The Dilemma of a Ghost, Ama Ata Aidoo
  2. Sakuntala and the Ring of Recollection, Kalidasa
  3. Big Girls Don't Cry, Fay Weldon
  4. El Filibusterismo, José Rizal
  5. A Man, Hirano Keiichiro
  6. Villa of Delirium, Adrien Goetz
  7. The Three Mistakes of my Life, Chetan Bhagat
  8. The Lusíads, Luís Vaz de Camões
  9. Crisis, Karin Boye
  10. Clark Gifford's Body, Kenneth Fearing
  11. They Say Sarah, Pauline Delabroy-Allard
  12. Conversations with James Joyce, Arthur Power
  13. The 120 Days of Sodom, the Marquis de Sade
  14. Sand, Ashokamitran
  15. A Death, Zalman Shneour

- Author Pages -
(previous ranking in parentheses)

  1. Murakami Haruki (2)
  2. Patrick White (1)
  3. Upamanyu Chatterjee (5)
  4. Roberto Bolaño (9)
  5. Amélie Nothomb (3)


     Traffic was fairly tepid at the complete review in July.

     While the four most popular titles were strong holdovers from last month's list, once again new reviews did very well.

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